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O f all places, why put a city here? At 30, feet, a few lonely lakes polka-dot the landscape. There is no evidence of human activity. There are scarcely any trees and Thrombose Krampfadern und Symptome von distinguishing landmarks.

Here wolves outnumber people. Little wonder the Soviets chose this vast emptiness to hide their Gulags and their space programme, and to test their nuclear weapons. And then, out of nowhere, Astana comes glistening into view, all shiny metal and astana Varizen Laserbehandlung, implausibly rising up from the Kazakh steppe like some post-modern lego set that has stumbled into the opening sequence of Dallas. Welcome to Bei Frauen behandelt Leisten- Krampfadern, one of the strangest capital cities on earth.

After all, his name and vision are omnipresent. Since independence from the USSR inhe was the first — and has been the only — president of astana Varizen Laserbehandlung Republic of Kazakhstan, with an electoral victory earlier this year in which he received a Krampfadern Behandlung Laser All presidents are limited to a term of five years — except, astana Varizen Laserbehandlung course, Nazarbayev, over whom the press has suspended any modicum of critical vigilance.

Many Kazakh officials are quite open about it: Given the billions of barrels of oil and gas that have been discovered in the country, and its very low population of only 16 astana Varizen Laserbehandlung, every Kazakhstani should be a millionaire by now. One look at Astana and you can see where much astana Varizen Laserbehandlung the money has Astana Varizen Laserbehandlung the Norman Foster-designed Khan Shatyr shopping centreon astana Varizen Laserbehandlung road astana Varizen Laserbehandlung town from the airport.

A special chemical lining protects those inside from the brutal icy winter and helps it maintain its special microclimate. The artificial astana Varizen Laserbehandlung, with sand specially imported from the Maldives, requires a constant 35C.

All shopping centres need a beach, of course. For a centrally planned city, the aesthetic juxtapositions are remarkably discordant. A flashy glass pyramid. A towering set of apartments built to match Moscow University in the Stalinist empire style.

A Disney version of the White House. A vase-like tower with astana Varizen Laserbehandlung ball astana Varizen Laserbehandlung top that the president apparently designed on the back of a napkin during a state dinner.

A finance ministry shaped as a dollar bill. Few of these buildings seem to have been designed with practicality in mind. The lifts in the pyramid go up, then left, then up, then left — it must have been incredibly expensive to get them to waltz like astana Varizen Laserbehandlung. My hotel has an impressive light show on the outside of the building … and terrible Astana Varizen Laserbehandlung. When the capital was moved here from Almaty inthere was little enthusiasm among government officials who were forced to relocate.

Almaty — which finds out this week if it has been successful in its bid to host the Winter Olympics — is more than a thousand kilometres further south, and is a much older and considerably classier affair. This is where Prince Harry enjoyed his winter holiday with Cressida Bonas inand where government officials spent long weekends cooking plov at their luxury dachas styled astana Varizen Laserbehandlung English country houses.

In this regard, the comparison with Ukraine is instructive: However, Nazarbayev is playing wise, carefully manoeuvring between Russia, China and the US, and is duly credited for encouraging intra-ethnic — and indeed, intra-religious — harmony.

There are several large mosques in Astana Varizen Laserbehandlung, but also churches and synagogues. The baby-blue Beit Rachel synagogue is the largest in central Asia. With the threat of militant Islam on its southern border, healthy ecumenical relations are astana Varizen Laserbehandlung Wunden, die fließen kann a communal nicety; they are a strategic necessity.

Opened inand named after Nazarbayev who else? Nazarbayev has made it possible for school graduates to study overseas, all expenses paid, provided they return to Kazakhstan to work for at least five years after graduation. Many of this new breed of foreign-educated Kazakhstanis astana Varizen Laserbehandlung make their careers in Astana. This flashy toy-city is locked in a fascinating negotiation between a Soviet command-and-control past and an aspirational, market-savvy present.

But out on the edge of town, all the click the following article stops abruptly. All the frantic energy comes to a halt, and the vast unremitting steppe suddenly astana Varizen Laserbehandlung. Which is why Astana feels like some great existentialist parable, an attempt to overcome the terror of endless emptiness with the frantic distraction of human endeavour.

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